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Below are links to national policies and legislation that form the basis for public policy.

National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958

This is the founding legislation for NASA.  It is actually a really interesting read.  Whenever an Authorization Act is passed, it is actually an amendment to this original Act.

The National Space Policy of the United States of America

The Obama Administration's Space Policy was signed by the President in 2010.  It outlines the civil, commercial, and security space policies of this Administration.

National Space Transportation Policy of the United States of America

Signed by President Obama in 2013, it outlines the main principles and goals for our Nation's space transportation efforts in civil, commercial, and security space...

NASA Authorization Act of 2010

This is the NASA Authorization Act that is currently in force.  It outlines the direction for NASA and is an amendment to the original National Aeronautics and Space Act.  Congress is working on a 2014 Authorization Act but it has not yet passed.

Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 for NASA

This Act distributed specific amounts of funding to NASA in particular programmatic areas.  Congress is working on the 2015 Appropriations Act.  If it is not passed by September 30, 2014, a Continuing Resolution will need to be passed to keep NASA funded.

A Science, Technology, and Space Policy Initiative

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